Dubai has reached over 191 million passengers who have used the metro. So, properties by the metro, in turn, will always a higher demand among investors and end users as they can fetch higher rentals with tenants due to greater mobility. In addition, it works very well for short-term rentals as holidaymakers prefer the convenience of the metro to travel across the city.

Specific areas where the metro location works well would be JLT and Dubai Marina. The prices are usually 10-15% higher than buildings further away from the metro. Recently we have also seen units within a 5-minute walk from a metro station increase in price by due to high demand and limited availability.

There are locations such as Jebal Ali where there aren’t many residential buildings and predominantly consists of commercial warehousing assets. However, due to the location having a metro station, it adds value to the location and residential buildings, like Suburbia as it provides tenants with greater mobility and efficient access.